Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase your products directly from you or online?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our products direct from our company. Our products are sold only to retailers and wholesalers. All retail products are available throughout Canada in major mass, grocery, and drug stores in the candy aisle.

Which artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are used in Werther’s Original No Sugar Added?

In order to produce flavourful, high-quality Werther’s Original No Sugar Added products, we use the sugar substitute Isomalt and the artificial sweetener Acesulfame-K (ace-k).

Are Werther’s Original No Sugar Added products suitable for people with diabetes?

This depends on the type of diabetes. For this reason, we have included all relevant nutritional information on the packaging. This information can also be found on the page for No Sugar Added Caramel Hard Candies.

Why are there now Werther’s Original in chocolate flavours?

Chocolate is very similar to Werther’s Original in character: its melt-in-your-mouth texture makes for a joyful experience; it caresses the soul and is an absolute delight in combination with the Werther’s Original caramel.

Why are the Werther’s candies now called Werther’s Original and not “Werther’s Echte”?

Storck is a company with a broad international scope. Our Werther’s specialties are sold in many countries around the world. In nearly all of these countries, our candies are sold under the name “Werther’s Original”, but in German-speaking countries, they were originally called “Werther’s Echte”.
Werther’s then decided they should be called the same thing all over the world, which led to the name change in Germany in 1998.
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